Durham Cathedral

Check out my latest Gallery of images taken at Durham Cathedral.

I had no idea that Durham offered photographers the chance to spend a couple of hours taking images in this beautiful place. This is such a great idea, and without doubt I will be back when it is available again.

Taking images in such an enormous building might at first seem easy, but careful consideration and planning has to go into this if you want it to be a successful shoot.

The key is not to follow the crowd..... many people were taking the stock images, but i wanted something different. So, I took a lot of images flat on my back looking up - such a good perspective and amazing architecture.

I also used the natural light that was available from the setting sun to get some great silhouettes and negative space images.

However, the best thing was not necessarily the images, I went out into the cloisters and as it was dusk set my camera up on the tripod, as I stood in the silence out of the corner of my eye I was sure I caught something moving, I couldn't see anything, but it happened again, and then I heard the paper thin beat of the wings of bats as the passed close by me catching files and moths. As i listened i could hear them as they approached me and then as they left but in the gloom I rarely saw them.